10 Reasons...

10 ways to develop your affiliate business

1. Get your own Natural products at a discount
2. Earn a healthy residual income from being healthy Up to 30% on 6 levels
3. Help others get healthy
4. Help others earn a healthy income
5. Change the world around you
6. Get support and help in getting healthy and staying healthy
7. Expand your base of friends and use your Natural Way Network to grow others business like Aim and Forever Living and or your retail business
8. Starting another business will be capital and time consuming – with your Natural Way Network you start earning from day 1, with as little expenditure of R500 a month 9. Great business to get school leavers involved in if they are health or environmentally conscious. Very little financial input.
10.You have a business that inspires others to improve their lives, physically, spiritually and financially.

5 Steps to becoming an affiliate
1. Go to website www.mary-anns.com
2. Click on Become Affiliate
3. Sign up
4. Mail your friends and family the links from the website
5. Help them to do what you just did
10 ways to develop your affiliate business
1. Use the products and benefit from them – You must spend at least R500 a month to receive your rebate
2. Tell your friends and family and others about the products
3. Help your friends and family tell others - teach and lead
4. Approach anyone who is health or environmentally conscious
5. Approach charities, churches and schools to sign up their databases to help them raise funds – Remember they must spend at least R500 a month – this can be on cleaning materials, toilet paper etc.
6. Invite people for meals – breakfast, lunch and supper and even tea and use and serve the products at the meals and inspire them to get healthy
7. Use the 100 days to Health program to get going others on the road to health
8. Try and sign up at least 16 members, as this will give you back the money spent on your order. Then get each person to also sign up 16 down to your 4th levels. This can earn you close to R400 000.
9. Or sign up 10 and get each to sign up at least 5 people, then 4 then 2 then 1 and your rebate will be nearly R20 000. Play around with the income estimator changing the number of people you sign up – have fun and get there.
10. When you reach 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 million Rand mark in sales and set configurations in your entire group, you will be paid bonuses
How will this work if I am an existing wholesaler or rewards customer?
1. Existing wholesale or instore loyalty customers cannot benefit from the affiliate system and continue to receive wholesale prices.
2. Wholesale customers may however separate their wholesale purchases from the affiliate program, by signing up under a separate name and email address and will be rewarded if they sign up people and purchase a minimum of R500 a month in the affiliate system. Wholesale sales will not form part of the affiliate sales.
3. Wholesalers can recruit existing customers into the affiliate system and will benefit from their affiliate sales down to their 6th level.
4. In the long term the affiliate system can earn a wholesaler in excess of R50 000 a month if they sign up 50 customers who each sign up 5, who sign up 5 who sign up 5. This level of income is not likely to be reached as a wholesaler. A lot more can be earned simply by increasing the amount of people signed up on each level.
5. The affiliate system will save you the huge outlay for stock as well as the running around to collect orders, money and delivery.

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