Mary-Ann's Loyalty Rewards Program – Getting paid to eat healthy!

Our entire range of products is now available direct to you at preferential prices, with the opportunity to earn commission for promoting the products to family, friends, colleagues, and strangers – whoever you come in contact with!

Order Mary-Ann’s products directly from the Natural Way Network at better prices, and receive even more discount. Introduce family, friends, colleagues and strangers to the network and receive discount and a rebate on their orders as follows: 

To earn money

..  Your order needs to be R500 or more a month for up to the 3rd level, R1000 a month for up to the 4th level, R2000 a month for up to 5th level and R4000 a month for up to the 6th level. A rebate of 9% on personal purchases (pp)  Plus  (7)% commission on your 1st level  (people you introduced – L1)  Plus (5) % commission on your 2nd level (people your 1st level introduced – L2)  Plus (3) % commission on your 3rd level (People your 2nd level introduced -L4) Plus (1) % commission on your 4th, 5th and 6th levels.

How does the Program work?

This program is free to join, just fill in the form and submit. You will receive a confirmation mail for you to log into your LRP account. In the meantime, you can shop at and the system will automatically calculate your commission.

Please note : This program is designed to pay you to promote Mary-Ann's Products, and this will qualify you to earn 9% on your purchases and 7%, 5%, 3%, 1% and 1%, respectively on the people you personally introduce into the program.

So, if your purchases are R500 you will earn commission up to your level 3 and R1000 up to your level 4 and R2000 up to your level 5 and R4000 up to your level 6.

Step 1:   Sign up for membership of the Natural Way Network (NWN) loyalty program at Right hand bottom – click Loyalty Rewards Program

Step 2: Place your order and pay – you can at any time purchase more product throughout the month. Your total rebate based on your own and your group’s sales will be calculated immediately after verification for you to see how much you have earned so far.. (This will show up as a credit on your account)

Step 3: Select your shipping method and your order will be sent directly to you. Should you wish to collect from the warehouse, select that option and we wil have it ready to collect from 9-5 at 74 Mountainside Boulevard, Gordon's Bay.

Mary-Ann's Range of Products

This is a list of some of our existing Mary-Ann’s products and our expanded Natural Way range, we intend to expand this range as and when needed. Our aim is to supply our customers with the products they want and need from food, to clothing and bedding and even environmentally friendly cars if we can! The idea is for you to eventually shop on line for everything you need to follow The Natural Way or your own natural health lifestyle, while benefitting financially by getting discounted prices and be able to earn a decent income from your home depending on how many people you tell about the products; AND have your products delivered to your front door.

So as we grow, we will add the products you want and need in the quantities you want and need. In time we may not need to go anywhere near a shopping centre! 

TREATS: Carob Bars: Delicious alternate to chocolate; caffeine, sugar & artificial sweetener free. Ideal for children, adults, diabetics. 

Sweetened with fructose as it does not upset your blood sugar. Coconut, Raisin and Pecan, date and orange peel available Halva Bar: Natures’ energy bar, made from raisins, dates & tahini.

The ideal convenient pick-me-up for the sportsman, executive, mother, child, etc. Seed Bars: Sesame and sunflower, packed full of protein, held together with raw honey. Endurance and Recovery bars – best for all kinds of sports Wheat-free oat bars: Made with oats, honey, dates, coconut and honey, plain and carob coated available Cashew & Date fudge also dipped in carob

DRIED FRUIT: The tastiest range of dried fruit, available seasonally. All completely preservative free and non-irradiated. Dried pineapple, dates, peaches, pears, raisins available seasonally. Dried apple rings dipped in almonds, coconut, carob, cinnamon, honey etc.

GROCERIES: Brown rice, polenta, organic oats, muesli (granola) wheat free and grain free, gluten free pastas made with rice flour, gluten free baking mixes, olive oil, organic salts, vegetable stock, honey, and more.
BOOKS, DVDs: All Mary-Ann’s books plus other books like The China Study, a variety of local natural recipe books & more than 30 DVDs on healthy living.

COURSES: The Natural Health and Nutrition course and the Natural Health Consulting course.

SKIN & HAIR CARE & MAKEUP: Imported Skincare, haircare and makeup as well as our own local NW range of natural skincare and personal products.

KITCHEN & TABLE WARE: Equipment that we have tried and tested ourselves, in our restaurant, to make sure they can stand the rigors of vegan cooking.

Play around with the Income Estimator by changing the number of people you sign up – have fun and get to understand the way it works.. you are going to have to show someone else what to do if you are to build a business.

You can send the Sign up link to friends to allow them to join the program in your group.

  • 1- Get your own Natural products at a discount
  • 2- Earn a healthy residual income from being healthy Up to 30% on 6 levels
  • 3- Help others get healthy
  • 4- Help others earn a healthy income
  • 5- Change the world around you
  • 6- Get support and help in getting healthy and staying healthy
  • 7- Expand your base of friends and use your Natural Way Network to grow others’ businesses like Aim and Forever Living and or your retail business
  • 8- Starting another business will be capital and time consuming – with your Natural Way Network you start earning from day 1, with as little expenditure of R500 a month
  • 9- Great business to get school leavers involved in if they are health or environmentally conscious. Very little financial input.
  • 10-You have a business that inspires others to improve their lives, physically, spiritually and financially.
1. Go to website
3. Sign up
4. Mail your friends and family the links from the website
5. Help them to do what you just did
  • 1- Use the products and benefit from them – (You must spend at least R500 a month to receive your rebate)
  • 2- Tell your friends and family and others about the products
  • 3- Help your friends and family tell others - teach and lead
  • 4- Approach anyone who is health or environmentally conscious.
  • 5- Approach charities, churches and schools to sign up their databases to help them raise funds – Remember they must spend at least R500 a month themselves – this can be on cleaning materials, toilet paper etc.
  • 6- Invite people for meals – breakfast, lunch and supper and even tea and use and serve the products at the meals and inspire them to get healthy
  • 7- Use the 100 days to Health program to get going others on the road to health
  • 8- Try and sign up at least 16 members, as this will give you back the money spent on your order. Then get each person to also sign up 16 down to your 4th levels. This can earn you close to R400 000 a month!
  • 9- Play around with the Income Estimator by changing the number of people you sign up – have fun and get to understand the way it works.. you are going to have to show someone else what to do if you are to build a business.
  • 10-Come to training sessions when possible to stay abreast of changes and developments in the company. Watch for bonus and prize notifications and read carefully.
  • 1.- Existing wholesale or instore loyalty customers cannot benefit from the Loyalty Program and continue to receive wholesale prices.
  • 2.- Wholesale customers may however separate their wholesale purchases from the Loyalty Program, by signing up under a separate name and email address and will be rewarded if they sign up people and purchase a minimum of R500 a month in the affiliate system. Wholesale sales will not form part of the affiliate sales.
  • 3.- Wholesalers can recruit existing customers into the affiliate system and will benefit from their affiliate sales down to their 6th level.
  • 4.- In the long term the LRP can earn a wholesaler in excess of R50 000 a month if they sign up 50 customers who each sign up 5, who sign up 5 who sign up 5. This level of income is not likely to be reached as a wholesaler. A lot more can be earned simply by increasing the amount of people signed up on each level.
  • 5.- The LRP will save you the huge outlay for stock as well as the running around to collect orders, money and delivery.
  • 1.- Read all the information available under tools .
  • 2.- Tell your friends, family, colleagues, school, church, etc. about the program. They repeat the above process..
  • 3.- At the end of every month your rebate on people from level 3- 6 will only be paid if you qualify for that level..
  • 4.- For best results in the long term you need to grow your business deep and wide; width gives you quick rewards but depth gives you substantial growth and a consistent stable income so make sure you grow wide and deep. 
  • 5.- We recommend focusing on 16 people on your personal level and help them to introduce at least 16 people to the loyalty rewards program (LRP) then encourage the people you sign up to do the same.
  • 6.- For best growth you need to genuinely believe in the products and want to help others. You will literally find a business exploding under you with the right approach!
Mark and I have found that putting our products into retail stores is counter-productive. The main reason is that the costs for “sales and merchandising”, rebates (paying the stores to stock our products) returned and damaged goods is too high. This has at times added up to over 60% of the retail price!

So, while most small suppliers like ourselves are battling to pay our staff, the retail chains are squeezing us for more and more rebates, and while we show losses, they show a huge increase in profits. The time has come to turn the retail industry on its head! After 35 years in business we can honestly say that it is almost impossible to keep a small company afloat and the only real winners are the big guys and the landlords.

For many years we have come across folk who have promoted our books, DVDs and courses to dozens if not hundreds of friends and family members and jokingly commented that they have ‘shares’ in The Natural Way. So we wanted to reward these people.

Others have expressed an interest in getting involved in a health-related business, like a retail outlet, which we have discouraged, as the only people that really benefit from retail stores are the landlords!

A lot of people say they cannot find our products at all, and those that can find our products, don’t find the full range and are disappointed. So, to solve that problem, Mark has come up with a loyalty rewards program that gets our products directly into the end-users hands and mouth! A system that allows you to run a healthy business, should you so wish, without leaving your home or enriching a landlord and a system that rewards our loyal customers handsomely!

The money that we were giving to the big retailers, we can now spread around to our customers. If you tell your friends and family about this system, you can receive rebates 4 levels down. Now you can have access to ALL our products online and be able to shop and have our full range and more delivered to your nearest post office or front door! Our only regret is that we have not been able to reward you sooner. We call this system;

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