Terms & conditions

The Natural Way Affiliate Program is a voluntary, non-contracted, loyalty rewards scheme that may be discontinued at anytime without notice to members. Conversely, the members may leave without notice or obligation.

Affiliate rewards are payable on condition that the member buys products from the Natural Way Network of more than R500 in any one calendar month after discounts and VAT. Affiliate rewards are only paid to the affiliates 3rd level but once the monthly debit order increases to R1000 a month the affiliate will be paid on 4 levels, R2000 a month on 5 levels and R4000 a month to 6 levels Commissions and rewards will be paid into the affiliate’s deposit account on or before the 20th Day of the month following the business month.

We expect, kindness, respect and gratitude to be shown at all times to other affiliate members and that all affiliates behave in a morally and ethically acceptable way.

Members are paid a rebate based on a 7% of sales at different levels on a monthly basis. The rebates paid on each level and the discounts given will be based on the profitability of the company and may be changed without notice as and when seems fit. Affiliates are not employed by The Natural Way Network and as such are responsible for all their own taxes and expenses.

I agree to the terms & conditions.