All about me

I am a recovered junk food addict so I should identify with most people who have lived a life virtually void of fresh fruit and vegetables!!

My background was in the Image business. I worked with companies such as Engen, Metlife, SANLAM and Business Presentation Group during 1994 to 1997 and then I found myself entering a very early menopause in 1998. That was when my journey into health began. AIM’s natural progesterone cream called Renewed Balance together with Revitafem, a plant based oestrogen, came to my rescue and I began to share this with other people who were looking for natural solutions to health challenges.

Since then my husband, Bill and I have met people vibrant with health, like Mary-Ann and Mark, and this encouraged us to try the whole-food supplement, BarleyLife and other AIM products and to change our Lifestyle. Our energy and stamina improved so much that our health is better now than it was in 1998 inspite of two medical interventions that went wrong in 2007 and 2008! Recovery from surgery even startled the surgeons!

In 2004 I did a Natural Health and Nutrition course through UNISA as well as Mary-Ann’s Natural Way Academy course. My main focus is to help others to improve the quality of their lives through good nutrition. Why should we keep such wonderful news to ourselves?

My Natural Way consultation fees are as follows:

R450.00 for an initial consultation
R150.00 for a follow-up
R150.00 for internet consultations