13 Peaks bite-sized!

Welcome to 2023 – may it be the healthiest year of your life! 

If you need help, we are here at www.wholeworldwell.com with a program to suite your needs.. 

As many of you have seen – we – Mark and I are planning to walk the Camino de Santiago (Frances). [Watch the movie called The Way with Charlie Sheen..]

For those who have never heard of it – it started as a religious pilgrimage to the city of Santiago in Spain from various starting points. Taking anything from a few days to a few months. We anticipate doing the 780 km route starting in France, over the Pyrenees Mountains and on through Spain. Why? To motivate and inspire people around the world to start moving and get out walking and getting healthy.

Most people who do this walk consume vast quantites of alcohol (wine mostly) and eat the local processed, fried and fatty cuisine. We will be attempting to do this on a whole-food, plant-based diet – and for safety taking our Power and Oat bars with as backup! 

If you would like to see how we fare, subscribe to our YouTube Channel as we are filming our training and will be releasing a video every 1-2 weeks. Don’t forget to click on the notification bell so that you know when the next video is released.


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As part of our training, we will be doing the 13 peaks on and around Table Mountain hikes every Sunday for the next 13 weeks – if you would like to join us the guide can take a maximum of 15 people and already has 3 of us. You may want a taste of what it may be like to walk for 2-4 hours at a time, and we will share our bars and Peak Endurance with you. You don’t have to do all 13 – just come on a day that suites you or if a slot is available or stay at home and watch the You Tube/Rumble video a few weeks after each hike.

Book with Bill to make sure you get a slot – see you up the mountain!

13 Peaks bite-sized!

Start your 13 Peaks Challenge on 15 January – we’re ready, let’s adventure. 

We’ve broken this iconic 106km route across 13 of the most beautiful peaks in Table Mountain National Park down into 8 manageable stages. Run/walk/climb it with 6,800m of vertical gain in very digestible segments 

You’ll need to do these trail routes in sequence to formally complete your @13_peaks challenge. 

However, you’re welcome to use these fully guided trail adventures as standalone experiences

Here is the schedule:

  • Segment 1 ~ 15-Jan ~ Signal/Lions ~ 3hrs ~ 10km 
  • Segment 2 ~ 22-Jan ~ Maclears/Grootkop/Judas ~ 6-7hrs ~ 16km 
  • Segment 3 ~ 29-Jan ~ Little Lions/Suther ~ 4-5hrs ~ 13km 
  • Segment 4 ~ 12-Feb ~ Chappies/Noordhoek ~ 4-5hrs~ 15km 
  • Segment 5 ~ 19-Feb~ Muizenberg ~ 2-3hrs ~ 10km 
  • Segment 6 ~ 05-Mar ~ Constantia ~ 5-6hrs ~ 16km 
  • Segment 7 ~ 12-Mar ~ Klassenkop ~ 4hrs ~ 11km 
  • Segment 8 ~ 26-Mar ~ Devils/Signal ~ 4-5hrs ~ 16km 

R400p/p per segment, or R2,720 (15% discount) for the full route if paid for upfront – book here: 

https://www.nyati-x.com/book-online#letsadventure #ventureout #neverstopexploring #chooseadventure #playoutside #livelifenow #livelifehappy #changeyourmindset#naturehealsthesoul #stillnesspeaks #takeabreath #mountainaddict #dosomethingepic #adventuretogether #weliveadventure #epic#adventure #exploremore #letsplayoutside #13peaks #capepeninsula

Our intention is to inspire you to get up, get outside and start moving today or soonest – there is nothing like fresh air, exercise and natural light to improve your health, get rid of depression, improve you sleep and increase your energy. 

Exercise should be done daily for at least 6 days a week, aiming for 45 minutes twice daily 

Aim to get your heart rate to a level that benefits your entire body and burns that belly fat. 

Work this out simply by subtracting your age from 220 

Then multiply that by 65% to get the lowest your heart rate should be over 1 minute then again at 85% to get the highest your heart rate should be – it’s that simply – then watch those muscles tone up and the belly fat disappear!!

PS if you don’t have a watch that measure your heart rate – then simply take your heart rate by pressing your finger tips to the side of your windpipe or the inside of your wrist – count your heart rate for 15 seconds then multiply by 4 to get your heart for 1 minute.

The whole idea is that you actually improve your fitness and that you exercise in the right zone to benefit you the most and at which your burn the most excess fat. 

If all this is too much – just get outside in natural light and start walking and use the talk test. You must breath harder and sweat a bit while still being able to talk 😊

If you do this you will;

  • Sleep better
  • Get rid of depression and moods
  • Improve your muscle tone 
  • Get rid of excess weight
  • Just make sure you are eating well so that you don’t cancel out the benefit of the exercise with a bad diet. 

Have an awesome 2023 – filled with learning, contentment, joy and success sin every area

To LIFE! An excellent one!

Mary-Ann and Mark

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