I have been a Natural Health Consultant for 23 years. I am married and we have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. My eldest daughter is 26 , my son, 22 and my youngest daughter, 20.  They were all breastfed and raised according to the Natural way. 


 My passion has been breastfeeding, babies and young children. I have had a mom bring her 1 year old to me.  He was constipated.  We started again with breastmilk only and assisted to have him feel more comfortable and start healing.


I also had a gentleman in his 60s who had a mass removed from his colon.  He  was diagnosed in the December, had an operation to have the mass removed and a stoma and waste bag resulted.  Within 5 months his cancer was cleared and he had a reversal operation to remove the waste bag and close the stoma. 


Another client was diagnosed with MS.  After a consultation and several follow-up sessions she left, understanding how to change her lifestyle to reflect her health and well-being.  She has been a picture of health for many years now.


Consultation duration:  90 minutes

Cost: R450

Johannesburg and surrounding areas for a physical consultation or online/telephonic/skype consultations are also available.


Online consultations; R800






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