All About me

I am married to Chris and together we have 3 beautiful daughters in their late teens and early twenties. I have always been interested in health and food and have read a considerable amount on the subject over the years. However the overwhelming volume of often conflicting information out there left me confused and disillusioned.
We opted to eat as healthy as possible, by making our own food, baking our own bread, making muesli and ice cream from scratch, raise home kill on the farm ,live in moderation and the motto :” a little of everything won’t hurt”. Yet it did as the health of my family deteriorated.

My husband suffered from chronic IBS all his life, and consequently chronic fatigue and malnutrition, which left him tired depressed and grumpy. He was scheduled to have a hip replacement due to debilitating pain. He also had limited movement in his arms, not able to raise them over his head.

My girls often experienced great mood swings, ( which is deemed ‘’normal ‘’ for teenagers – but I beg to differ since changing their diet). It was also the norm to suffer from severe periods. Depression was rampant, tiredness common, fatigue and brain fog a daily occurrence and so were colds, headaches and flues.

This all changed when I came across Mary Ann’s book:’’ Perfect Health the Natural Way”. I finally found something that made sense , was so simple to apply, and most importantly worked wonders.
Today, 3 years into our new way of living, studying Mary Ann’s principles and becoming a Natural Way Consultant my husband is free of IBS, goes swimming as his movement returned to normal in his arms, feels better overall and never had a hip replacement as it was no longer necessary. Menstruation comes and goes now without much pain, brain fog a thing from the past and moods are lifted… and these are just a few of the many improvements we as a family are experiencing.

During my studies I have seen people greatly improve from autoimmune disease, fatigue, IBS, constipation, depression and menstrual difficulties after a short time following the Natural Way program.

I am passionate to help anyone who wants to improve their health by coaching them and come alongside them to support and encourage them. I offer:

  • One on One consultation
  • Workshops and talks
  • Food demonstrations
  • Food shopping advice
  • ‘AIM whole food’ products.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and helping you.

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