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Natural health consultant Liana Kopalyan is a researcher, scholar, and educator in the field of Natural Living. She conducted her undergraduate studies at California State University, Northridge, specializing in a myriad of disciplines. Liana also displayed an extensive dedication to extra-curricular activities, exemplified by her leadership in the academic community as president of the Golden Key National Honor Society, while being employed full-time as a student.

Her success in the professional realm is matched by her success as a mother of three, a wife and entrepreneur.

Her contributions to Natural Living range from innovative research, to health seminars, to individual consulting. Liana, along with her Natural Living team have been teaching Natural Living since 2000.
Liana’s primary objective is to help individuals and families overcome everyday health issues by educating, consulting, and promoting a healthier lifestyle, while implementing preventative measures.
Liana’s website is

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