Loyalty Rewards Program

How does the Program work?

This program is free to join, just fill in the form and submit. You will receive a confirmation mail for you to log into your LRP account. In the meantime, you can shop at mary-anns.com and the system will automatically calculate your commission.

The program is designed to pay you to promote Mary-Ann’s Products, and this will qualify you to earn 9% on your purchases and 7%, 5%, 3%, 1% and 1%, respectively on the people you personally introduce into the program.

Step 1

Sign up for membership of the Mary-Ann's Loyalty Rewards Program at mary-anns.com – click Loyalty Rewards Program on the menu.

Step 2

Place your order and pay – you can at any time purchase more product throughout the month. Your total rebate based on your own and your group’s sales will be calculated immediately after verification for you to see how much you have earned so far.. (This will show up as a credit on your LRP account ) . Please remember to use the same email address when you create your shopping account at CHECKOUT.

Step 3

Select your shipping method and your order will be sent directly to you. Should you wish to collect from the warehouse, select that option and we wil have it ready to collect from 9-5 at 74 Mountainside Boulevard, Gordon's Bay.

Getting Paid to Eat Healthy

Our entire range of products is now available direct to you at preferential prices, with the opportunity to earn commission for promoting the products to family, friends, colleagues, and strangers – whoever you come in contact with!


Order Mary-Ann’s products directly from the Natural Way Network at better prices, and receive even more discount. Introduce family, friends, colleagues and strangers to the network and receive discount and a rebate on their orders as follows:

To earn money .. Your order needs to be R500 or more a month for you to qualify for the rewards.