Newsletter 5 of 2023

Welcome to March – the detox month as we go into the change of season.

For those of you on the 365 Days to Wellness – choose one of the 12 programs you have – maybe a Parasite cleanse will be good??  Para 90 and Florafood from Aim are needed for this and which will help your eyesight, your sleep, your weight, your energy, improve teeth-grinding and/or jaw-clamping and many other irritating issues.

Mark and I are halfway through the 30 Day Para90 Program (1 capsule of 3 times daily for 30 days) – so join us on a parasite detox.Read more on Parasites here!

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This month’s free webinar will be on Sunday 19th March and the topic will be; “Gastric Reflux – Repeating or Regurgitating – Natural Ways to Stop it.

  • Why food regurgitates or spills back up into your oesophagus?
  • What a hiatus hernia is and how to fix this digestive mess.. naturally, within a few days to a few weeks and never have this problem again.
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Send to all your friends and family – they will get a free food-combining chart from us, on request, if they attend the live event.

– 10am SAST Webinar:

– 9 pm SAST Webinar:
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Common Questions

A question we get asked almost daily, is why our natural food products are not available in every supermarket and store in the world as they are so delicious and healthy.

We have people wanting our apple rings dipped in honey and rolled in almonds and cinnamon or coconut and vanilla to eat as their daily snack, others wanting our vegetable stock, or our peanut butter and honey balls or tahini and honey balls or our oat and date bars, cashew and date or date, tahini and raisin or pecan, date and orange peel bars etc. our preservative free mangoes, bananas and pineapples (yes they are in stock now) our veg patties, and frozen meals, gluten-free bread and rolls, Turkish delight, tomato wraps, GF free rice , soap powder, wraps, etc., etc., etc.  You get the drift…

Our products are all different and amazing and natural and healthy. They are also free of preservatives, gluten, sucrose, dairy and animal products and very delicious and and really good for you.

Being so natural , and containing no preservatives, they don’t have a long extended shelf life. Most of our food products are best eaten within 3-6 months.

So..  it is best to get our products in your hands in the best possible condition and at the best possible prices. We tried a large supermarket chain some years back and they had no idea how to look after products that are natural. They damaged our goods; their customers ate our products instore without paying for them and the store would return the wrappers and demand a full refund!! Not a sustainable way of doing business and frankly quite abusive!

So, years ago we took the decision to sell our products directly from our own factory store and online to anyone in South Africa. Plus, we decided rather than advertise and pay an advertising agency, we will reward our customers for telling others about our products, by giving them a loyalty reward rebate.

So, in South Africa, you can purchase our products online at the best price in the freshest state and actually get money back – from 9% – 21%.

Yes there are a few outlets that look after our products dotted around, but we only supply them because they have a lot of customers in their area demanding our products and the owners often use and consume our products themselves.

Otherwise for the freshest products at the best prices go to and order directly from our factory shop in Somerset West – you can also pop in, and have something to eat or drink in our restaurant at the same address with a beautiful view of the Helderberg Mountain from our verandah and big windows!

If you don’t live in South Africa – we will start producing our products in your country when we have over 1000 people in your country who have done any one of our courses at (That’s so we know that we have at least 1000 people we know would be interested in totally natural products) Or when there is a viable manufacturer and online store that will make and distribute our products the way we would..

Yes, we are interested in partnering with like-minded people in other countries and or South Africa – to get our products into everyone’s hands and with the right partners and team we can also continue to improve our shelf life, packaging, distribution and network and develop even more products. This will make it fun and easy for everyone to get healthy and stay healthy; making the whole world well – which is our mission.

In the meantime, check out our incredible range of products – including frozen versions of the foods and meals we serve in our restaurant, and get our products freshest at the best price online from

Tell others about our amazing products and you may, like several others, earn a healthy income that allows you to get your products for free! 

Contact if you have any interest in partnering with us in any country.

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Thought for the Week!

This very day can be the first day of your new life. It’s all your choice. 

Robin Sharma from The Greatness Guide 

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