Newsletter 6 of 2023

Dear  Mary-Ann ,

We received some great testimonies from people going back many years who have benefited from following the basic principles we promote – maybe they will inspire you and your friends to attend the Free webinar on Sunday. Remember that those that attend will get a free book & chart (on request) that will help you with yoour digestive issues.


Invite your friends and family and join the journey to wellness for good!


I followed your principles 10 years ago in my late 20’s after a friend gave me your book. I also followed the alkaline food combining list. For the first time in years I had energy in a matter of only 48 hours of following the 5 steps. Especially my mood lifted almost immediately. For the first time I was not overwhelmed by sugar and carb cravings. In two weeks, my body started changing and skin got clear, I also got rid of the uncomfortable bloating. I worked at a salon and my co-workers and clients could literally not keep up with the quick positive change in my appearance and demeanor. I remember one lady said, “How is it possible to be skinnier than yesterday?” Everyone wanted to know what I did. One of my clients also bought the book and followed the principles and for the first time (in her 40’s by the way! ) she got rid of bloat and excess fat around waist, chest and neck. Not to even mention how she felt, and the positive way it affected all the areas of her personal life.

HL on YouTube

I just loved watching this video Mary-Ann, it was a lovely little refresher and reminder of the miracles our bodies can achieve when given the right environment.


Hello Mary Ann, o carried your book with me when our children were born, now 21,18,14. You have been an inspiration and guide for me and my family & I am so blessed to be Connecting to your info & shares again! My father in law Arthur Duncan, studied your nutrition course 20 odd years ago and today at 87 still competes in his bicycle and eats a very balanced diet. Our organic farm Dovehouse here I the natal midlands, Karkloof supplies our Howick shop with fresh produce etc and you have been an inspiration and are truly admired by me! I keep purchasing second hand copies of your older books to share with customers and want to thank you for being part of my journey bless you and your family ! Shereen Duncan, Dovehouse Organics

Hi Mary-Ann. thank you for your advice. I have been reading your books when they first came out and followed your advice. Along the way, I did not make time for myself as I had to take care of my terminally ill husband, but got a wake up call and came to my senses. Now I am following your steps as much as I can and see a great difference in my health.


First talk: – Click here for your local time and more detail

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5 Benefits from Beet Juice


Exercise plus beet root juice has potential for enhanced neuroplasticity, which is the change in neutral structure, function, and connections in the brain. 


Improved blood flow from dietary nitrates. Each 4 gram serving contains 72 milligrams of beet nitrate. 


Nitric oxide benefits include the relaxing and widening of blood vessels, promoting healthy blood pressure.


Provides Betalains (phytonutrients) that give beets their red color. They provide antioxidant and detoxification support.

Liver Health 

Provides Betaine with lipotropic 
(fat-reducing) effects, showing significant improvements in helping the liver process and remove fats.

Each canister of RediBeets contains 5kgs of beets

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