100 Days to Health Program


What is the 100 Days to Health?

This is a carefully worked out program that is emailed to you for 100 days that inspires, educates, and motivates you to get your health on track.

What you get   

  1. You will receive a daily email that directs you to add certain foods or activities to your existing diet and lifestyle. For example, in week 1 you will need to add a side plate of raw fruit or vegetables before every meal and not to give up anything else.
  2. Perfect Health – The Natural Way by Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer (which will be emailed in pdf) and you will be encouraged to read certain chapters along the way.
  3. Once a week you will be invited to join a Zoom Q&A session with Mary-Ann Shearer (and/or a Natural Health Consultant) who has been in practice for at least 5 years.
  4. You will be allocated a Game Changer (facilitator) nearest you to assist with obtaining  3 o 4 products that Mary-Ann wants you to use on the program. These have proved to be invaluable in making the 100 Days Program as successful as it has been.. (These products are not included in the R3500, but your Game Changer will help you get them at the wholesale prices)
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    Who is this for?

    • This is for anyone who wants to take their health back but has no idea where to start.
    • It is for you, if you want to know how you can work with your body.
    • It’s for individuals, families young or old who are tired of dealing with irritating health issues.
    • For people who no longer want to fear the next virus or dread disease.
    • For people who are sick and tired of being sick and or tired.
    • Take Control of your health, enroll today!

    What can it do for you?

    The 100 Days to Health Program will not only arm your mind with the knowledge to be and stay healthy, but also arm your body with the natural immunity needed to protect you against any dread disease, virus or bacteria. You will find that you no longer fear disease as you create the right environment for your body in which it can heal itself.

    How does it work?

    This program is designed to increase the process of healing, repair and detoxification and may lead to weight loss (even if you are underweight).

    This is the body’s way of dealing with unhealthy tissue and cells.  You may experience some symptoms of detoxification; these may be mild or severe depending on your dietary habits and health history. Headaches, nausea, insomnia, general aches, and pains, body odor and strange tastes in the mouth are the most common detox symptoms.

    These are good signs as it shows clearly that your body is in the process of repairing itself, which is what you want!

    The program provides weekly support on Zoom with Mary-Ann and social media with a Game Changer  –  someone who has done this program before you.

    You will be connected by one of our Game Changers (facilitators) to add you to the support group and assist with the purchase of the products that Mary-Ann recommends.

    This will allow healthy rebuilding of your body and can only take place when the body has dealt with all unhealthy tissue.

    You should start noticing improvements within 15 days.


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