Apple Rings Malted Carob (70g)

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Like apple and chocolate, but good for you

Apples from Elgin in the Western Cape.

Dipped in raw organic honey and then rolled in Mary-Ann’s Malted Carob

Apples, raw honey, carob powder, vanilla, barley malt, fructose

Simple ingredients that’s all.

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    We live within a few km of the biggest apple growing region in South Africa, which is where we source our apples.

    Mary-Ann decided in 2011 that she needed to do something creative with a huge glut of organic apples we were given. Drying them as they were, seemed too boring – besides dried apples go brown and very hard within weeks.

    So knowing that honey is a natural preservative, she dipped the apple rings in our raw honey and dehydrated them, they were so delicious and she was so inspired that she created a new range of products, later adding  cinnamon to the honey and eventually chopped almonds. Being a coconut lover she then tried honey, coconut and vanilla and later on our Malted Carob (carob, vanilla, barley malt and a little fructose -not the bad stuff which is high fructose corn syrup) You can also use our Malted carob as a replacement for hot or cold chocolate drinks and for making the most delicious homemade ice-cream. See Mary-Ann’s Malted Carob for the recipe

    Now we have 5 kinds of apples rings and this later developed into another range called apple crumbles. Great for nibbling on or sprinkling on fresh fruit salad, muesli or porridge. Enjoy our unique apple products knowing they are good for your body, the environment and your soul.

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    1 review for Apple Rings Malted Carob (70g)

    1. Laura Kirsten

      Delicious treat that the whole family enjoys!

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