After years of battling for many years with ear infections, tonsillitis, allergies, hay fever and a host of other problems considered ‘normal’ in children by most people,  Mary-Ann discovered, how simple and easy it was to attain health by following basic natural principles.

Raising children should be a joy, uncomplicated and rewarding, by following these guidelines you will find you spend less time in doctors waiting rooms and save money on medical bills. You will have more time and money to spend with your family and your levels of stress will be dramatically lowered as you take control of your health.

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    Here she and her daughters offer you these basic dietary principles in a practical, easy to apply format. They cover the entire range from preparing your body for pregnancy, through the baby stage to school and teenage years.

    Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer are blessed to live in Cape Town, South Africa with their daughters and grandchildren on their doorstep.


    Please note that any information in this book is done so solely for educational purposes. It does not constitute any medical advice whatsoever, and nor does it replace medical attention or diagnosis. Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for the diagnosis and treatment of any disease, ailment or medical condition.


    This book, nor any part of this book, may not be copied, transmitted, printed or reproduced in any shape or form without the express and written consent of the author Mary-Ann Shearer at or The Shearer Family Trust


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