Men’s Health Brunch

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    Men’s Health Brunch!

    Saturday 20th July 2024

    9am – 1pm

    At Mary-Ann’s Restaurant

    1st Floor Triangle House

    1 Urtel Crescent

    Somerset Mall Plaza

    (Above Standard Bank)





    You are invited to a great brunch to be inspired and motivated and educated to reach higher levels of health! This day is for men and women who want to get healthy, get off their meds and need clear guidelines on how to get there.

    You can be in charge of your health! – if you are feeling trapped by your genes, you will learn that your disease genes only express themselves as your inherited disease when your body is not being respected for the amazing miracle it is. You will gain the knowledge to be able to stop your genetic disease from being expressed so that you too can be  healthy for life and meds-free!

    Cost only R200 which includes a meal fit for a king and a Malted Carob hot drink on arrival – with healthy snacks and lunch – all plant based and gluten free.

    5 men from differing backgrounds and occupations will be sharing their stories of how they have made the transition from Health crisis to wholeness and Mary-Ann will be our host for the morning and answering any questions that may arise..

    Here are their bios-in-brief:

    Mark Shearer (70)


    Father of 3, grandfather of 5 and Great-grandfather of one, Mark started his hospitality career in KFC in 1975 and has gone on to build the Mary-Ann’s Group of Companies together with his wife of 47 years.

    At 19 Mark was refused insurance before going to the army as a result of his high blood pressure and familial healthy issues! This prompted his decision to make getting, and staying healthy, his life-long priority!

    In his spare time, Mark loves gardening and guitar and recently retired from 20 years of competitive motorcycle trials!

    JJ Nieuwoudt (29).


    Child of God, Husband, Athletics Coach, and Educator, passionate about, and dedicated to, inspiring, and empowering others through sports and education.


    JJ’s health journey started in 2018 when he got married. His wife was struggling with health issues and he wanted to support her as much as possible. So he ate what she ate.


    The benefits to her health were astounding and he  moved to a full plant-based lifestyle.


    He cycles, lift weights, runs, and recently started swimming. His initial thoughts were the he wouldn’t be able to do all of these activities on only plants. But, his performance improved, he got stronger, lifted heavier weights is continually proving the diet to be extremely beneficial..


    Ashwin Koopman (36)


    Former long-distance Trucker, privileged to have traveled throughout Southern Africa.


    Now, full-time educator.

    Dedicated to life-long learning. Passionate about health and people.


    Finding God has been the cornerstone to unlocking truth, through which I got saved from all sorts of diseases and illnesses.


    Pete Howie ( 51 )


    Pete started Seattle Coffee Co with his school mate 28 years ago. Seattle has grown from 1 little store in Cavendish Cape Town in 1997 to a 300 store strong national brand that has established itself as one of the leaders in the SA coffee market. It hasn’t been an easy road though..


    Pete had suffered mental issues his whole life but discovered along the way that his greatest weakness became his greatest strength in turning Seattle into what it is today.


    Embracing nutrition (as put forward by the Shearers) has been one of Pete’s biggest success factors. It’s given him anchorage to endure tough times. It’s provided him with a constant source of healing that continues to produce good results his life as he makes his way into the future.

    Bill van Hoogstraten (64)


    Being a father, husband, a corporate junkie for 18 years followed by 10 years founding and building two tech startups, Bill lived on stress, fueled by coffee, sugar and whatever was close enough to eat.


    Based on the theory that intensity sporting activity was the best way to de-stress with the assumption that a hot fire can burn any rubbish going into your mouth.


    At 48, afflicted with viral myocarditis, he became a member of the Flatline Club suffering brain damage in the process!


    The prognosis for the future was rather pedestrian. A business crash and a divorce followed soon afterwards adding to the challenge.


    Faith and action in the form of a complete lifestyle change built around a plant-based diet and cutting stress.


    Since 2010 the changes that allowed Bill to complete in a range of sports triathlons, marathons, multi-day events, ultra marathon trail runs and with open water swims.


    Currently enjoying his second life aged 63 going on 14, at a more sedate pace building Nyati-X an adventure sports business, while still actively participating in a range of physical activities.










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