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AIM Para 90 is an herbal cleansing dietary supplement. It combines a number of herbs with cleansing properties plus bromelain, a digestive enzyme.

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    AIM Para 90 is an herbal cleansing dietary supplement. It combines a number of herbs with cleansing properties plus bromelain, a digestive enzyme.

    10 reasons to use Para 90

    1. To get rid of parasites
    2. When you do this your digestive system will work better
    3. Your immune system will work better
    4. Your endocrine (hormonal) system will work better
    5. Your brain will work better
    6. Your Central Nervous system will work better
    7. Your weight will be more stable and ideal for your genetic make up
    8. Your skin will improve as does your eyesight
    9. Your joint pain and aches could disappear
    10. You could stop grinding your teeth, scratching itchy places and nose picking and bed wetting in older kids could stop.

    Take 1 Para 90 – 3 times a day with food for 30 days

    Take 1 a day from aged 3-5 and 2 a day from age 6-13

    Make sure that you take Florafood from Aim – 1 daily for the 30 days

    I also recommend that you take Carrot and Beet juice daily as they also help keep the body free of parasites – as do sunflower seeds and eating carrots and beets. Aim makes a great powdered carrot and beet juice – called Just Carrots and Redibeets.

    Some parasites can emerge from strange places – don’t panic!

    You will know the product is working if you feel a ‘pokey’ feeling in your abdomen, or your skin itches or feels ‘crawly’. Headaches, excess mucous, nausea and extreme tiredness are other symptoms. You may also experience more frequent bowel movements, looser stools and increased urination. Some people even feel pain in the liver area.AIM PARA 90


    Digestive problems comprise the number one health problem in North America. These concerns, encompassing everything from hemorrhoids to colon cancer, result in more time lost—at work, school, and play—than any other health problem. They also appear to be occurring with much more frequency—while many of them were almost unheard of in our grandparents’ times, they are cropping up more and more and at an earlier and earlier age.
    A digestive concern we should all be aware of is the increasing prevalence of parasites. We need to understand the effect parasites may have on the digestive system and what we can do to maintain a parasite-free system.


    Although North Americans often consider parasites something to only worry about when traveling, this is not true. As long ago as 1976, a nationwide survey in the United States by the Centers for Disease Control revealed that one in every six people selected at random had one or more parasites. It is quite possible that we are hosting a dinner party for many types of parasites.

    An Internet homepage, Parasites of Vertebrates, by the Department of Nematology, University of California at Davis, states that 900 million people worldwide are infected with hookworm, and some 4 to 15 percent of the population in the southeastern United States. Some one billion people (¼ of the world’s population) are infected with roundworm, and 500 million people worldwide are infected with pinworm. In the United States, estimates of those infected with pinworm range from 10 to 35 percent of the population.  Globally, the picture is alarming.

    Climate and sanitary conditions breed parasites worldwide especially in developing countries where clean water sources and sanitation services are scarce or nonexistent.  Parasites enter your body in one of four ways:  through food and water intake; through a transmitting agent, such as a mosquito; through sexual contact and through the nose and skin.  They are also carried by household pets and livestock and spread through daycare centers and international travel.


    Parasites are organisms that grow, feed and are sheltered on or in other living organisms, known as “hosts,” without contributing anything to the survival of the host.  According to Murray (1998), there are two broad groups of parasites, protozoa (one-celled organisms) and helminths (worms).  Parasites can be transmitted from animal to animal, animal to man and, in some cases, man to animal (FSIS 2001).  Some parasites are larger than bacteria and viruses but they are usually so small that you cannot see them without a microscope.  Others, such as worms, can grown quite large and can be seen with the eye.

    Several parasites have emerged as significant causal factors in foodborne and waterborne diseases, including Giardia duodenalis, Toxoplasma gondii, Cryptosporidium parvum, Trichinella spiralis, Taenia saginata (beef tapeworm) and Taenia solium (pork tapeworm).

    Parasites live within the organs and tissues of the body and are often harmful.  Any number of them can infect your gastrointestinal tract.  Eventually, they are excreted in the feces; however, they are one of the major causes of diarrhea and such may be seen as the greatest single cause worldwide of illness and death (Murray 1998).


    According to Skye Weintraub, a naturopathic physician and author of The Parasite Menace, a parasitic infection could be manifested by any number of signs. These include constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, joint and muscle aches and pains, anemia, allergies, skin conditions, nervousness, sleep disturbances, teeth grinding and chronic fatigue.

    Many health practitioners believe not only that parasites result in symptoms such as those listed above but also that they may be responsible for a number of other health problems. Weintraub says, “Many parasites go undetected because they are not producing serious symptoms. It is easy to attribute feeling ill to other causes because parasitic infections look like lots of other conditions. I have seen other health problems disappear once the body has become parasite-free.”


    Parasites can damage the host’s body in a number of ways. They can

    • cause nutrient mal-absorption by eating the nutrients we ingest
    • produce toxic substances
    • depress immune system function while activating immune system response
    • destroy cells faster than cells can be regenerated
    • irritate body tissue
    • invade body tissue, including the skin and intestinal lining
    • put pressure on body organs
    • cause tissue and organ deterioration


    If you suspect you have parasites, a health practitioner can arrange a number of tests. These include stool tests, blood tests, tissue swabs, and others.  However, these tests are often inconclusive as parasites can reside in tissue and other organs and in the blood and will not be found in fecal samples. Often, only their eggs will be passed in the stool.

    Treatment options include:

    • Conventional medications.  Drugs are unique to the parasite and can have side effects.  With severe and prolonged diarrhea, replacement fluids may also be necessary.
    • Herbs.  Many herbs, including those in AIM Para 90, have helpful properties.  For example, garlic is useful against amoeba and hookworm and pumpkin seed is useful against tapeworm.  Sweet Annie, black walnut and the male fern root were used in traditional medicine as far back as the early 1800s.
    • Natural therapies.  The digestive enzymes in AIM PrepZymes will help ensure that foods are more completely digested, helping to eliminate potential problems due to toxins.  The fiber and herbs in AIM Herbal Fiberblend will help cleanse the colon.  Probiotics, such as in AIM FloraFood, will recolonize the helpful bacteria in the intestines and create a hostile environment for parasites.  Colonics also help cleanse the colon.
    • Dietary changes.  Avoid eating uncooked foods or foods from doubtful sources.  Even undercooked meat, fish and poultry can present problems.  When camping, do not drink stream water.
    • Pet care.  Ensure regular de-worming and maintain good hygiene when handling your pet.


    The magnitude of parasites makes prevention of them essential.  There are a number of things you can do to avoid picking up parasites:

    • Wash your hands with soap and water before handling food and after gong to the bathroom, handling pets and changing diapers.
    • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them and cook meat thoroughly.
    • Wash your hands with soap and water after going to the bathroom, changing diapers, or  handling pets.
    • Keep your fingernails short and clean.
    •  Do not walk barefoot, especially on warm, moist soils.
    • Institute the dietary changes recommended above.
    • Have regular parasite checkups, especially if you travel frequently.
    • Maintain a regular AIM Para 90 regime.
    • Use AIM PrepZymes, AIM Herbal Fiberblend and AIM FloraFood regularly to ensure digestive health.

    AIM PARA 90™

    AIM Para 90™ is an herbal cleansing dietary supplement. It combines a number of herbs with cleansing properties plus bromelain, a digestive enzyme.


    • It is recommended to use AIM Para 90 every 3 months for cleansing.
    • Take 1 to 3 capsules 3 times per day for 30 days.  Can be taken with or without meals
    • Do not use AIM Para 90™ if you are pregnant or nursing.
    • If you have digestive concerns or have had a colostomy, consider consulting a healthcare practitioner.
    • Close tightly after opening and store in a cool, dry, dark   place (70-75 °F; 20.1-23.8 °C). Do not refrigerate.


    How do I know whether AIM Para 90™ is working? Will I experience any side effects or detoxification symptoms?

    Most people look for parasites in their stools, and many do see them. Not everyone does, however. Positive signs are a “pokey” feeling in the abdomen or an “itchy” or “crawly” sensation on the skin.
    You should remember that in the process of cleansing, there may be some discomfort; parasites are not easily dislodged. Some users’ skin has broken out, and others feel nausea or somewhat tired. You may also notice increased bowel movements, looser stools and more frequent urination.

    If I have been taking AIM Herbal Fiberblend™, do I need AIM Para 90™?

    AIM Herbal Fiberblend™ does have a cleansing effect, but it will not work against as wide a range of parasites as effectively as AIM Para 90™. If you have been taking AIM Herbal Fiberblend™, you probably have fewer problems with parasites.

    What else can I do to help the cleaning?

    Many people recommend taking colonics and using a probiotic such as AIM FloraFood to recolonize the intestinal tract after using AIM Para 90™. Others take AIM Para 90™ in conjunction with AIM Herbal Fiberblend™. Digestive enzymes such as AIM PrepZymes are also beneficial.

    Is there anyone who should not use AIM Para 90™?

    Pregnant or nursing women should not use AIM Para 90™. Very frail elderly people, children and people with digestive concerns or who have had a colostomy should consult a health practitioner.

    Bromelain is in AIM Para 90™. What is it?

    Bromelain is a digestive enzyme that will aid the digestive process.


    Following are some of the classifications of the herbs in AIM Para 90™.

    American Wormseed Chenopodium ambrosioides vermifuge, anthelmintic
    Black Walnut Hulls Juglans nigravermicide, antiseptic, antiparasitic
    Boldo Leaves Peumus boldusalterative, antiseptic, vermifuge
    Butternut Bark Juglans cineraria alterative, laxative, anthelmintic
    Clove Caryophyllus aromatics carminative, antiseptic
    Cramp Bark Viburnum opulusantispasmodic, astringent
    Garlic Allium sativumantibiotic, alterative, antiseptic, vermifuge, anthelmintic
    Grapefruit Seed Citrus paradisi antibiotic, antiparasitic
    Kamala Mallotus philipinensis taeniafuge
    Male Fern Root Dryopteris filix mas, vermifuge, anthelmintic, alterative
    Neem Azadirachta indica, alterative, anthelmintic
    Peppermint Mentha piperita, carminative, antiseptic, antispasmodic
    Pumpkin Seed Cucurbita pepo, vermifuge, anthelmintic, taeniafuge
    Sweet Annie Artemisia annua, vermifuge, alterative, anthelmintic
    Thyme Thymus vulgaris, carminative, antiseptic
    White Oak Bark Quercus alba, antiseptic, anthelminti,


    Herbs can be classified a number of ways. The classifications are generally based on how the herbs affect the body. Following are a number of herb classifications.

    Alterative: Alters (purifies) the blood.
    Anthelmintic: Destroys or causes the expulsion of parasites. There are two types: vermicides and vermifuges.
    Antibiotic: Inhibits the growth of or destroys bacteria or other organisms.
    Antiparasitic: Destroys or inhibits parasites.
    Antiseptic: Prevents or inhibits the growth of bacteria.
    Antispasmodic: Used for muscular spasms, convulsions, and cramps.
    Astringent: Increases tone and firmness of tissue; lessens mucus discharge.
    Carminative: Stimulates expulsion of gas from gastrointestinal tract.
    Laxative: Promotes bowel action.
    Taeniafuge: Expels tapeworms.
    Vermicide: Destroys worms without necessarily expelling them from the bowel.
    Vermifuge: Expels worms from bowels.



    • Helps maintain digestive health
      • Intestinal cleanser
      • Antiparasitic


    • More than five years of safe and beneficial use by AIM Members
      • 606 mg of herbs per capsule
      • Combines 16 cleansing herbs
      • Formula approved by herbalists
      • 90-count capsules

    AIM Para 90™ is a Digestive Health product. The complete Digestive Health line consists of AIM Herbal Fiberblend™, AIM PrepZymes™, AIM FloraFood™ and AIM Para 90™. Use these products to help yourself maintain your digestive health.

    Aim products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease or illness. Results may vary per person.

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