Recipe Book 3 (PDF)


This Recipe Manual has been compiled from nearly 10 years of cookery demonstrations in my kitchen, in the kitchens of others like, Merrily Bright in Southern California, Bev Turner in Florida (USA), Ananda Russ in the Western Cape, Sue Burnham-King in Johannesburg and dozens of others in the UK, the USA and South Africa. I have been in some of the most amazing kitchens like the one overlooking Laguna Beach, Southern California (which was stunning to look at but had no sharp knives and 1 dried onion in a drawer??).

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Also the home of the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers band overlooking Malibu Beach (which had awesome food and equipment). Another in millionaires row in Dana Point, Orange County, that had drawers full of Gogi berries and a fridge full of champagne!? I have prepared many of these recipes in even more homes, schools, churches and halls, that I can remember.

One strange place was a health supermarket in Kansas City (not sure which side of the city it was, Missouri or Kansas, but it was fun!). The strangest of all was a hall in Kwazulu-Natal, when the lights went out! I just kept talking in the dark as they had come a long way! I can honestly say, that people wherever and whoever they are, have raved about this food.

They actually go home and make the dishes themselves, which is more important. I get such a thrill when people tell me how they love making this food and how their friends and family love it. I love it when I get invited to someone’s home for meal, which is delicious and when I ask for the recipe, they tell me with a surprised look, “this is one of yours?!?”


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