The Ultimate 3-in-1 Cleansing Mitt for Men

Made of durable, exfoliating microfibre, these washing mitts are designed to gently and thoroughly clean your face with or without soap or cleansers.

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    Get smitten with your mitten! The revolutionary product features:

    • Combine gentleness with incredible durability
    • Washes up to 200 times and maintains their effectiveness (and softness).
    • Absorbs 7 times its own weight in moisture
    • Dries 3 times faster than any other cloth
    • Deep cleans without the tugging and pulling on the skin
    • Excellent for overall cleaning (face, neck, ears, eye area & decollage)
    • Especially suited for those people who are allergic, have dry, aging or sensitive skin
    • Phenomenal for people who suffer from acne, exfoliates as it cleans
    • Cleans from the depth of the pores and removes oil and bacteria from large pores instantly
    • Helps maintain a clear complexion & literally smooths out skin tone in days
    • No chemicals are required when using (pH) is constantly maintained and restored.
    • Perfect make up removal. Can be used with a cleanser.
    • Environmentally safe – using warm water only to cleanse
    • Reusable – a mitt can be used for 2/3 months (approximately 200 washes or more)
    • The cloth is not treated with any chemicals nor does it contain any
    • Totally machine & hand washable
    • Removes almost 90% of skin surface bacteria
    • The Smart mittens super fine density fibre of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (0.06 denser, is about 2 microns in diameter), penetrate the finest, microscopic particles of oil, dirt and even bacteria. They are absorbed into the internal structure of the cloth away from your skin.
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