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Starter Pack 1: – Barley Powder – Aimega – Herbal Fiberblend


This starter pack combination is recommended for everyone on the 100 days to health program

– Barley Powder –

– Aimega

– Herbal Fiberblend Raspberry.

The Aim Companies have several life changing products; we personally recommend that everyone uses at least the 3 products in Starter pack 3

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These 3 products, we like to call the 3 “amazing products”, they are essential for all to reach wonderful levels of health, they are;

BarleyLife – Take 6-12 capsules or 1-2 tsp. powder daily

Take in the morning first thing with Aimega – start slowly with 1 capsule (you can use the powder too but need to order starter pack 1 then and you would start with ¼ tsp a day and increase by that until you are taking 1-2 heaped tsp. a day) a day for a week and keep increasing each week by an extra 1 capsules a day until you are taking 6 a day – this will slow down the detoxification process, which may be unpleasant.

This is Aim’s flagship product and it is essential for a healthy immune system so that your body can defend itself and keep you well. Aim’s BarleyLife is grown in a colder climate in Canada, picked at a very specific time and the juice is dried and extracted at exactly the right temperature – this results in the highest levels of nutrients, including powerful antioxidants like SOD (Super Oxide dismutase) and Chlorophyll. These nutrients also have a powerful effect on your endocrine system and you will notice improvements not only in immune function but in your skin, eyes and the hormonal system and in energy. Barleylife contains 22 times more usable calcium in the right ratio for healthy bones and teeth and is powerfully anti-inflammatory, aiding many with joint and muscle pain

Aimega – take 3-6 capsules first thing in the morning with BarleyLife

Aimega works hand in hand with BarleyLife containing the perfect balance of essential fatty acids needed for endocrine (hormonal) function, you will find that any hormonal issues improve, menstrual pain and periods decrease, blood sugar and blood pressure improve, fertility improves, bowel function improves, inflammation goes, blood sugar and blood pressure are balanced and general health improves as the essential fatty acid balance is provided.

Herbal Fibreblend – take 3-6 capsules or 1-2 tsp. in the evening with 2 full glasses of water

Whether you have excess gas, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or any digestive problems or discomfort, you will find that your digestion improves, within days of taking Herbal Fibreblend. Make sure you take this on its own and not with BarleyLife and Aimega.

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