About me

I was introduced to The Natural Way about 9 years ago when my children decided to go from a vegetarian to a vegan lifestyle. I was an asthma sufferer until I was 23 years old and have been on cortisone treatments as well as antibiotics for a great part of my life. I also had a hiatus hernia which caused major digestive problems. When I started juicing and eating The Natural Way my problems gradually disappeared and I can say that I am totally free of any illnesses or hormone imbalances.

The Natural Way brought about a major change in my Christian Counselling practice, as I began to realize that diet plays a major role in Bipolar Depression, as in any emotional disturbances. I run a Home for Abandoned babies where all our babies are put onto an excellent, dairy-free, diet. So many people comment on how well our babies look and how peaceful and calm the Home is.

They usually sleep 11-12 hours per night due to their diet, we believe!

Please join us @ JUST Health in Weltevredenpark for regular getogethers, where presentations are combined with tasting of delicious food of The Natural Way. www.barnswallows.org

Bookings can be made for personalized individual consultations @ 011-475-2318/082-851-9386 (Nutritional counsellor/Health coach)

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