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Mary-Ann Shearer started making natural treats in her kitchen in 1986 as there were simply no products available in South Africa that contained no preservatives or additives or refined sugar. 

The very first product was her Halva Balls. These are now called Power balls, because Mark and Mary-Ann have found them to be the best food to travel with. They provide good quality protein, fats, carbohydrates, B vitamins and minerals and many antioxidants and phytonutrients. They keep for ages (that’s if you don’t finish them in a day) and give you all the power you need to keep going in our fast paced lives. 

Since then Mary-Ann and her team (family and staff) have come up with dozens of yummy and healthy products from honey dipped, almond and cinnamon encrusted apple rings, herb salts, pizza popcorn, cashew fudge, Turkish delight dipped in carob and much more.

Then people continually ask Mark & Mary-Ann what they sue for shampoo, skin, to clean their home etc., etc., so they have made available for you the products they personally use that work for them. From make up to shampoo, shaving cream, essential oils, personal care for women, nappies (diapers for babies), books, seeds and much more.

All our products are personally endorsed and used by Mark & Mary-Ann who have been doing this since 1991!

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