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Newsletter 6 of 2023

Dear  Mary-Ann ,

We received some great testimonies from people going back many years who have benefited from following the basic principles we promote – maybe they will inspire you and your friends to attend the Free webinar on Sunday. Remember that those that attend will get a free book & chart (on request) that will help you with yoour digestive issues.


Invite your friends and family and join the journey to wellness for good!


I followed your principles 10 years ago in my late 20’s after a friend gave me your book. I also followed the alkaline food combining list. For the first time in years I had energy in a matter of only 48 hours of following the 5 steps. Especially my mood lifted almost immediately. For the first time I was not overwhelmed by sugar and carb cravings. In two weeks, my body started changing and skin got clear, I also got rid of the uncomfortable bloating. I worked at a salon and my co-workers and clients could literally not keep up with the quick positive change in my appearance and demeanor. I remember one lady said, “How is it possible to be skinnier than yesterday?” Everyone wanted to know what I did. One of my clients also bought the book and followed the principles and for the first time (in her 40’s by the way! ) she got rid of bloat and excess fat around waist, chest and neck. Not to even mention how she felt, and the positive way it affected all the areas of her personal life.

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Newsletter 5 of 2023

Welcome to March – the detox month as we go into the change of season.

For those of you on the 365 Days to Wellness – choose one of the 12 programs you have – maybe a Parasite cleanse will be good??  Para 90 and Florafood from Aim are needed for this and which will help your eyesight, your sleep, your weight, your energy, improve teeth-grinding and/or jaw-clamping and many other irritating issues.

Mark and I are halfway through the 30 Day Para 90 Program (1 capsule of 3 times daily for 30 days) – so join us on a parasite detox.

Read more on Parasites here!

Order from Aim directly at the end of this newsletter..


This month’s free webinar will be on Sunday 19th March and the topic will be;

Gastric Reflux – Repeating or Regurgitating

Why food regurgitates or spills back up into your oesophagus?

What a hiatus hernia is and how to fix this digestive mess.. naturally, within a few days to a few weeks and never have this problem again.

Remember to sign up on our YouTube Channel and click the notify button so that you can know when our webinars are coming up and can access the recordings.

Send to all your friends and family – they will get a free food-combining chart from us, on request, if they attend the live event.
- 10 am SAST Webinar:
- 9 pm SAST Webinar:

Set a reminder for your convenient time! – Natural Ways to Stop it.

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What is a parasite?

It is an opportunistic organism that survives off the host. Very often their affect on the body goes unnoticed. Internal parasites, such as worms, take the nutrition from our food intended for us. This leaves us wide open to other illnesses. If you are feeling generally run down or have any of the symptoms below, this is the time to consider anti parasitical treatment. Some doctors estimate that over 90% of people suffer from parasite infestation.

These parasites can be in the form tapeworm – usually from eating animal flesh, hook worm - from soil or sand so wash even organically grown produce, pin worm – from not washing your hands and touching almost anything, flukes and a host of other lesser known parasites which are estimated to number over 400!.

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13 Peaks bite-sized!

Welcome to 2023 – may it be the healthiest year of your life! 

If you need help, we are here at with a program to suite your needs.. 

As many of you have seen – we – Mark and I are planning to walk the Camino de Santiago (Frances). [Watch the movie called The Way with Charlie Sheen..]

For those who have never heard of it – it started as a religious pilgrimage to the city of Santiago in Spain from various starting points. Taking anything from a few days to a few months. We anticipate doing the 780 km route starting in France, over the Pyrenees Mountains and on through Spain. Why? To motivate and inspire people around the world to start moving and get out walking and getting healthy.

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Treating Mental Health Through the gut bacteria

For decades, the treatment of mental health issues such as depression has focused on the brain and brain functioning. Depression is usually treated with medication and possibly therapy. But the brain does not exist in isolation, rather it's a component of a larger systemic function. 


Symptoms of mental health conditions, such as depression, are not limited to mental and emotional symptomatology, but also present largely as physiological symptoms (e.g., weight gain/loss, insomnia, gastrointestinal distress, lethargy, fatigue, and even hair loss). 

As such, understanding mental health struggles from a systemic perspective, including the immune system, gut, and microbiome is important in the cohesive treatment of such conditions. 

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Latest on safe Alcohol limit

Last week we looked at how alcohol has a sterilizing effect on your gut and what the implications are for brain health. This week we look at the new limits of alcohol being recommended around the world – which has many up in arms. So, I sourced one of the studies and the findings are very interesting indeed.. More below


Then from 19 February we will be introducing a monthly free webinar on the 3rd Sunday of every month on various health topics. I will do one at 10am Cape Town time and repeat again at 9pm Cape Town time – this is to accommodate people in the South China Seas/ Australia zone as well as Africa, Europe and the Americas


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Beet Benefits

I have always hated beetroot or beets, I hated the taste, which is like sand and I hated the way it would bleed all over my food and colour and flavour everything. A plate of sandy, bloody food!

Even when I started seriously researching health and nutrition 25 or 30 years ago, I still could not bring myself to bring a piece of beetroot near my mouth. Mind you recently I have found grilled beets are almost nice.

It was only 10 years ago that I started drinking barley grass juice that I combined dried beet juice with my dried barley and carrot juice.

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Boundaries and Beets

5 Benefits from Beet Juice

  1. Neuroplasticity 

Exercise plus beet root juice has potential for enhanced neuroplasticity, which is the change in neutral structure, function, and connections in the brain. 

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